Both Barrels May 2022

  • 20/05/2022

Both Barrels May 2022

The season has only just begun!

June is prime time for getting in some great hunting.

Those squally winter days are perfect hunting weather and provide the opportunity for another hunt.

Make sure you’ve got all your gear in good order and ready to quickly pack when the weather gods play their part.

Be sure to also check out the regional links above to get the latest info on how the season is going in your favourite hunting spots and potentially some new spots.

How to find new hunting spots

Are you looking for a new spot to go hunting, and are a bit nervous about approaching a landowner?

Never fear, the team at Southland Fish and Game has provided some great tips on how to approach landowners when you find a likely spot for duck hunting.

Check out their regional link to learn more.

Send in your duck bands

Duck band info is really important for our population monitoring programmes around the country.

They provide really important and valuable data on the age and dispersion of game birds.

Each entry by a hunter goes in the draw for some Avery GHG decoys.

Most banded ducks stay close to where they were banded, but you get a few surprises like a 22-year-old mallard drake that was banded at Lake Runanga in February 2000 and was shot outside of Palmerston North!

That’s four years older than the previous oldest banded duck recovered by a hunter.

Don’t forget your upland game hunting

If you get a bunch of bluebird days, don’t forget about upland game hunting, check out your regulations guide to see what’s available in your region.

Upland game are great tasting, and a great alternative when the weather is too sunny for waterfowling.

Remember the staff at your local Fish & Game office have loads of advice to help you on the way to success.

Get your photo on the 2024 Game bird Habitat Stamp and the Game Bird Hunting Licence

The New Zealand Fish and Game Council in cooperation with the New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust is running a photo competition.

The competition will run as four monthly competitions with the monthly winner receiving a $250 Kilwell Sports voucher. Monthly winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The four monthly winners will then go to a public vote in August and the overall winner will receive a $1,000 Kilwell Sports voucher and $1,000 cash from the Game Bird Habitat Trust.

You can read more about the competition and enter here

Warm barrels

The team at Fish & Game

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