Both Barrels May 2021

  • Northland
  • 17/05/2021
  • Richie Cosgrove

Both Barrels May 2021

Need a place to hunt?

Are you looking for a place to hunt in the second half of the season?

All of Northland Fish and Games’ wetlands are now available for casual shooters.

You will require a permit from the Northland office and have a valid game bird licence.

Wetlands available include Borrow Cut wetland, Jack Bisset, Flaxmill, Greenheart, Kawakawa and the Underwood block.

Email: or call09-438 4135

Duck bands

If you have shot a bird with a band please fill in the online form found at:

You can also ring the free phone number 0800 BIRD BAND (0800-247322).

In conjunction with the Auckland/Waikato region we band birds at two sites on the Kaipara harbour.

These are at Parakai and Wellsford. This data provides valuable information regarding the distribution, movement and survival rates of game birds.

Hunter surveys

Our annual hunter surveys occur throughout the season.

The data we collect helps us paint a picture of how much hunting pressure there is on the game bird resource.

This enables us to set sustainable regulations and bag limits.

Phone surveys are carried out on a fortnightly basis throughout the waterfowl season.

If you receive a phone call to undergo a hunter survey please be respectful and obliging.

Day licences

Day licences are now available, they allow hunting for a 24 hour period that must be specified and costs $22.

This is a great way to introduce a new person to game bird hunting.

Take a friend along and get them involved.

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish & Game Officer

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