Hawke's Bay Both Barrels July 2018

  • Hawke's Bay
  • 27/07/2018

Hawke's Bay Both Barrels July 2018

Still time to enjoy game bird hunting

While most people have put their guns away for the season, many hunters are still enjoying their game bird hunting.

Quail, pheasant, and pukeko seasons are still in full swing.

Right: Young hunter with his bag from the Tukituki River.

Those willing to hunt the river beds have plenty of opportunities to harvest all three species and get themselves a mixed bag.

Pheasants can be found along the river beds throughout Hawke's Bay, but a good bit of walking is needed to get some good shooting.

HB BB July 2

Well earned brace of pheasants.

Those willing to travel and knock on a few doors, will find that northern Hawke's Bay has a good number of pheasants in small brushy areas on the farms.

Quail can be found in big flocks and can provide hours of enjoyment hunting them.

They are one of the most challenging game birds to shoot and can provide any hunter who has limited time a quick and enjoyable hunt.

Pukeko are abundant throughout the region and make for some of the toughest hunts.

Although many people look down on pooks as a game bird, it’s obvious they haven’t spent time actually hunting them.

They run like a pheasant and its tough to get close enough to shoot them.

Although they appear ungainly in flight, they are strong flyers and provide some good wing-shooting.

HB BB July 2

One of N.Z.'s most challenging game birds.

Start planting your pond or wetland

With the duck season over, it’s time to think about providing habitat for waterfowl to ensure waterfowl populations stay healthy.

What should you plant? Quality nesting habitat is limiting through much of Hawke's Bay.

We encourage people to plant buffers around their ponds and wetlands with thick vegetation that will provide quality nesting.

Planting sedge species provides good nesting cover and also food for waterfowl. We recommend these plants:

HB BB July 4

Now's the time to plant species that provide ideal game bird habitat.

Jointed rush (Baumea articulate), purei (Carex secta), pukio (Carex virgate), giant umbrella sedge (Cyperus ustalatus), kuta (Eleocharis acuta), giant rush (Juncus pallidus), mingimingi (Coprosma propinqua), cabbage tree (Cordyline australis), kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacridoides), kanuka (Kunzea ericoides), manuka (Leptospernum scoparium) and lowland ribbonwood (Plagianthus regius).

For more information on what to plant and where to source plants contact Hawke’s Bay Fish & Game on 06-8442460.

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