Wellington Both Barrels May 2019

  • Wellington
  • 15/05/2019

Wellington Both Barrels May 2019

Big Southerly Blow On The Cards

Right: Waiting for the evening flight (Photo: Hamish Carnachan).

Factors couldn't be set up better for duck hunters with a major weather system approaching from the south and due to hit at the start of the long weekend.

The constant nor-west winds over the last few weeks have meant hard hunting for many with birds now entrenched in the sheltered hidey-holes they've found.

This includes rafts of hundreds upon hundreds of ducks reported on the lee shore of Lake Wairarapa and the bigger water bodies in the lower North Island region.

The southerly due to hit on Saturday will force these birds to look for shelter again.Numerous wind shifts over the three-day weekend and, hopefully, plenty of hunters about should make for great action.

If you get a chance, don't forget to take someone new out too. And please ensure you're all compliant and playing by the rules because the rangers are going to be active again.

Grab yourlicencehere and enjoy three days of what should be super hunting!

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