Game On... Date confirmed for the 2020 duck hunting season

  • 11/05/2020
  • Richie Cosgrove

Game On... Date confirmed for the 2020 duck hunting season

23rd of May will be opening day, marking the start of the 2020 game bird season following today’s announcement of the move to Alert Level 2. 

Game bird hunters throughout the country have been patiently waiting for this announcement and the wait is over. 

The game bird season is an important national tradition for hunters to come together to harvest game birds for the family dinner table. 

In consultation with Fish & Game New Zealand and thGovernment, the season start date was selected so that that hunters had time to equip themselves, prepare their maimai’s and travel to their hunting grounds.  

The Alert Level 2 conditions for game bird hunting are more practical for the hunters and has proven the benefits of waiting versus opting for the restrictions of Alert Level 3. 

The good news is hunters can travel inter-regionally and will be able stay overnight at their hunting spots with friends and family under Level 2. While this offers the freedom duck hunters had hoped for, there are still considerations that need to be adhered to as outlined in the Government’s Level 2 guidelines for the safety of all involved. 

Hunters are able to travel, use their boats, and access public land under Alert Level 2 and this will mean communities that have relied on the game bird season for income and food supply will still have a season.  

Outdoor retailers will also be pleased that hunters can now buy instore and be fully prepared for the start of the season.  

Fish & Game staff have used the lockdown period to have all the necessary regulation changes made for the new season start date.  

The changes to the Game Notice will enable those hunters in regions with very short seasons extended hunting opportunities. We thank the Minister of Conservation and her staff for their support and help in getting the Game Notice amended.





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