Wellington Game Bird Hunting Bulletin - 19th April 2021

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  • 16/04/2021
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Wellington Game Bird Hunting Bulletin - 19th April 2021

New Season Nearly Upon Us! 

April 19, 2021

Last season was awesome - this one could be even better (Copyright Hamish Carnachan)

What an exciting time! The countdown is on and there are now less than two weeks to go before the new game bird hunting season starts on Saturday, May 1.

Now is the time to get sorted for the hunting ahead – Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Amid prepping your gear and sorting your hunting spot, the top priority this close to the start of the season is making sure you get your licence.

From Thursday, April 29, we'll be sending you our regular weekly Game Bird Hunting Bulletins with weather forecasts, reports and tips. 

In the meantime, we'll keep you up to date with handy hints we hope will help you get set for what many are saying is going to be on hell of a cracker season.       

Solid Hunting Prospects   

20200630 181230Hunters noticed more ducks around last season which should mean more again in 2021 (Credit: Nathan Field) 

One thing is clear about this season - the prospects for good bird numbers are very exciting. 

Great breeding and brood-rearing conditions, plenty of rain right through summer and, subsequently, good food availability, will have seen more birds fledge and survive to adulthood.

This is coming off better an increase in mallard numbers last year too and ultimately means hunters can expect to see more ducks this season.

Check out our Hunting News below for more in depth analysis of the season prospects.          

Pre-Season Checklist  

MUST HAVES – Get them sorted early:

-  2021 Game Licence and regs guide

-  Check up on your hunting mates



-  Confirm access with landowners

- Grab a permit/access book if you need one for public areas for latest access requirements



- Shotgun – cleaned, patterned (if necessary), have a few practice shots.

- Decoys – painted, rigged, and/or replaced.

- Ammo – do a stock take; don’t leave topping up to the last minute as there may be shortages this season.

-  Dog – sharpened up on fitness and retrieving.

-  Check your wet weather gear - waders and jackets



-  Maimai is up to scratch – material for dressing is sorted for camo

-  Maimai should be marked up by now (March 28 was pegging day)



-  Double check your firearms licence – NZ Police are advising to expect delays in processing reapplications  


Get everything sorted now, and it’ll make it easier and more enjoyable come May 1 Opening Day!.

Hunting News  

You may have received in the mail a copy of our 2021 Hunting Newsletter, if not it should hopefully arrive soon. 

Click on the cover image below to download a digital version and catch up on the season prospects, new hunting opportunities, news on what we've been up to and a heap of hand tips to make your season more successful.  

Newseltter Cover


Band Returns Needed

That 'bling' around your neck in the form of duck bands is doing no one any good if you haven't got the details into us!

If you harvest any birds carry precious metal bands, or have bands from previous seasons you haven't told us about, please let us know.

You’re welcome to keep the band, we just need some basic details such as where and when you got it.

Please get those band details back to usGet those band detail into us 



- Otaki Hunting & Fishing Duck Night!

Otaki H&F is having its annual duck night on Tuesday, April 20, from 6pm. Spot prizes, plus best dressed in camo comp for adults and kids. Wellington Fish & Game staff will also be in attendance on the night to give you the lowdown for the upcoming season.  

If you have a game bird hunting related message or information you'd like us to publish on this noticeboard, please contact the Wellington Fish & Game office on (06)359-0409 or flick us an email.  

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