Wellington Game Bird Hunting Bulletin - 23 June 2022

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  • 21/06/2022

Wellington Game Bird Hunting Bulletin - 23 June 2022

Matariki Mallard Harvest!   

Flooded pasture has provided plenty of food for ducks looking to put on condition as we head into winter (Credit: Hamish Carnachan)  

The long weekend is almost upon us, with Friday a public holiday to celebrate Matariki.

This provides a bonus day to get on the water and harvest a few more mallards before the waterfowl season closes next weekend. 

The wild weather seems to have finally settled and, while that might not be the best news for hunters, there should still be plenty of guns out over the next three days to stir up the ducks, particularly in Wairarapa from what we're hearing. 

Hunting has been a bit fickle on and around Lake Wairarapa in recent weeks, however, over in Manawatu there are mallards everywhere and some fast and furious waterfowling for those who are getting out. 

The  bonus day off is an awesome opportunity to get mates out for a shoot this weekend, or perhaps take your partner or kids and introduce them to the pursuit.

Day licences are great value at just $23; juniors only pay $8 and kids (under 12 at May 7, 2022) can hunt for free. 

With only two more weekends to go, we encourage you to make the most of the remainder of the season.

Here's the  outlook:


Weather Outlook        

Weather GBB23Jun2022'Hotter' colours mean stronger wind (Credit: Windy.com)

A high sitting directly over us is channeling wind in a northerly flow down both sides of the island.

The wind isn't filling in over the lower North Island land mass, though, meaning light conditions for much of Matariki weekend.

There is a little bit of rain forecast for the west of the region, and patchy drizzle up around Manawatu, but otherwise it will be calm. 

That changes Monday with a strong nor-west stream ripping across the lower North Island.

This could be the last major weather system we get for the season so consider taking the day off Monday or throwing a sickie!   

Click here for the Metservice update, or visit the Windy website here to track the latest duck hunting conditions.


Tips From a Master Duck Hunter 

Tip GBB23June2022 WEB Copy

Hunters need to be adaptive to be successful (Credit: Hamish Carnachan)

A common saying amongst anglers is that 90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fisherman - the same is true for hunters.

There are a group of knowledgeable waterfowl hunters who can effectively harvest mallards throughout the season, no matter the conditions.

One of the key reasons they are so successful is that they have a thorough understanding of mallard behaviour.

Check out this insightful Q+A with top hunter Paul Stenning.  

From the Team at Wellington Fish & Game, happy hunting and please stay safe this season.   

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