New Environmental Officer for Otago Fish & Game

  • Otago
  • 30/01/2017

The Otago Fish and Game Council has appointed Nigel Paragreen to the role of Environmental Officer, continuing the work of Peter Wilson who moved to the Wellington Fish and Game Council late last year.

Nigel ParagreenMr Paragreen, a new Dunedin resident, started in the position on Monday.

With a blend of planning and natural resource management experience in Australia and New Zealand, he is sure to bring something unique to the role.

His background includes assisting remote communities in Northern Australia to ensure the cultural hunting of turtle and dugong is sustainable, and working with agricultural businesses to improve and protect natural resources.

He has also undertaken research into natural resource development and the impact of conflicts which may arise from them in the community.

Ian Hadland, Operations Manager for Otago Fish & Game Council, said he hopes Mr Paragreen will bring a new perspective to the role.

“This is a pivotal point in time for the Otago region.

"We have an opportunity to ensure the public’s ongoing access to the exceptional outdoor activities in the area, rather than continue to see those values eroded.

"To achieve this we will need to present a strong voice for fishing and hunting and work with others in the community to achieve positive results,” Mr Hadland said.

Mr Paragreen says he’s up to the challenge.

“I’m pleased to hear the strong public support for angling, hunting and habitat conservation in general.

"I do see that some believe these values are in direct opposition to those of other land uses but I don’t believe it’s so black and white.

"I’ll be focused on showing people that strong, sustainable fish and game values can coexist as part of a healthy landscape and community.”

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