Eastern Fish & Game seeks angler feedback

  • 13/02/2019

Eastern Fish & Game seeks angler feedback

Fish & Game is appealing to trout anglers for information about their fishing trips in the Eastern Region that includes the Rotorua lakes.  

Right: Trout with yellow Datawatch tag by the dorsal fin.

Management of the trout fishery, which is a key role of Fish & Game, depends on quality information about anglers’ fishing activities, says Fish & Game Officer Mark Sherburn.

“We survey thousands of fishers face-to-face but we always need more information, especially from some of the lesser known ‘out of the way’ places,” he says.

Fish & Game recently set up an online angler diary so that trout fishers can enter information about their trips.

Mr Sherburn say they want to know about all fishing activities, both successful and unsuccessful trips, on rivers, streams and lakes.

“The information helps us build a picture of the fishery and alongside our own fisheries monitoring so it is vital for the management of the trout fishery.”

Anglers shouldn’t worry about their ‘secret spot’ getting known either as the data collected is treated in confidence, says Mr Sherburn.

“We’re not going to blab about hot fishing spots as we know fishers guard those secrets very closely,” he says.

Fish & Game has also made returning tagged trout information easier.

Previously, anglers needed to post in their tags but this can now be done online.

“We realise that many people can’t be bothered with stamps and envelopes, so now it can be done from your smart phone,” Mr Sherburn says.

We are providing some rewards to anglers who go to the trouble of sending in their information, he says.

“People who use the anglers’ diaries go into a draw to win a $100 voucher, and all tagged trout entries go into the draw to win one of 20 free adult trout licences.

Eastern Angler diaries are found online here:

Eastern tagged trout data can be entered online here


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