Fish & Game: don’t forget to pack a fishing rod

  • 19/12/2018

Fish & Game: don’t forget to pack a fishing rod

Holidaymakers planning their Christmas break are being reminded to pack a fishing rod in the car, campervan or caravan to target some trout during the holidays.

McLaren Falls Park near Tauranga is a great place to take the family for a barbecue - and have a quick fish!

Fish & Game says that whether you’re camping or glamping - staying near a stream, river or lake, or passing some waterways to get there, trout fishing makes  an exciting addition to holiday activities.

“It has the added benefit of putting some wholesome, great tasting wild food on the barbecue,” says Fish & Game Communications Manager Don Rood.   

“As well as your rod, you will need a trout fishing licence. Holidaymakers are offered lots of choice, nine different options, when it comes to buying the right licence for whatever fishing time is available,” he says.

One of the best options is a Short Break Licence ($47) that provides three days of fishing in a row – great for a long weekend.

“These licences allow you to fish for three days in a row so they’re ready made for a long weekend.

“A Long Break licence ($91) is ideal for some more serious fishing in that it provides for nine days – so the holder is all set for fishing over two weekends plus the five days in between,” says Mr Rood.

For those who are completely new to the sport and simply want to have a crack for a small outlay, a $21 One Day licence represents a value choice. It’s the licence issued to those on a short fishing charter trip.  

Mr Rood says when it comes to families, a family licence ($169) in particular allows an angler, their partner and children or grandchildren to get out fishing together. 

 “It is a great way to introduce youngsters to all the fun that trout fishing offers.”

A family licence may include a couple, either parents or grandparents, and up to four children or grandchildren under the age of 18 on October 1.

“But please note the family licence is available to New Zealand residents only and visitors to the country must buy Non Resident adult and child licences.”

Don Rood says that trout fishing in New Zealand remains terrific value by international standards in terms of both licence prices and the quality of the fishing on offer.  And spin fishing provides an easy and affordable way to fish.

The whole season licence (adults $130) remains the best investment for superb value and flexibility, “a year’s worth of fishing anywhere in the country, except for Taupo where the trout fishery is administered by the Department of Conservation,” he says.

 Current licences are available in accredited sports shops and other outlets, or on line through the Fish & Game website,

Buying online is straightforward, says Mr Rood, all people have to do is review the licence options, decide which category is the best for them and a few clicks later they will have bought it.   

“The plastic licence will be mailed within ten days of completing your order and because it is credit card-sized, it can be stored in your wallet” .

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