Fish away your summer holidays!

  • 17/12/2015

Holidaymakers are being encouraged to try something new this summer and have a go at trout and salmon fishing.

F G Two Ben Todd at openingFish & Game has made it much easier and affordable to have a crack – with a much broader range of fishing licences, some squarely aimed at beginners curious about what all the fuss is surrounding trout fishing.

Right: You don't have to be an adult to hook a nice fish.

Those new licences include three tailored for holidaymakers wanting to take a short break for freshwater fishing over Christmas.

“These short break licences allow people to go trout or salmon fishing for one, three or nine days – a perfect fit for the Christmas-New Year break,” says Fish & Game’s Communications Manager Don Rood.

“These are great options for those curious about freshwater fishing and wanting to try their hand at hooking a trout or salmon while they are on holiday.

“The nine day licence in particular is a good choice because the longer time spent fishing allows people to build up their angling skills and confidence so they can be more successful.

“Putting a great eating trout or salmon on the barbecue for friends and family is a terrific way of celebrating that success and making a memorable holiday,” Don Rood says.

While the range of licences has been expanded, the popular whole season and family licences continue to be offered.

“The whole season licence continues to be a big seller with anglers as it allows them to fish for a whole year anywhere in the country except for Taupo,” says Don Rood.

“That is remarkable value”.

Keen anglers are also being urged to include their families in their trips to the river and introduce the next generation to fishing.

“The family licence is one of our premium licences and allows parents or grandparents to take their children or grandchildren fishing together, all on one licence,” says Mr Rood.

“Fish & Game is enthusiastic about providing children with the opportunity to get out and go fishing. To ensure they have that chance without imposing a big financial burden on their families, children get the best value licence of all. If they are under 12, it’s free.”

Despite the El Nino conditions facing the country, Fish & Game says there will be some good fishing opportunities over Christmas and the New Year in rivers and lakes.

The eastern South Island salmon fisheries will be starting to fire as the fish return from their years in the ocean. The traditional salmon rivers like the Rakaia, Rangitata and Waimakariri are always popular with anglers targeting these magnificent sports fish, but there are other opportunities.

To the south, the Waitaki is always a good producer, while further north, Marlborough anglers are hoping for a repeat of their fabulous 2015 salmon season.

In the North and South Islands, cicadas are making a welcome appearance and canny anglers will be cashing in by targeting hungry trout with their best cicada imitation flies.

Fish & Game’s new licences are available here and in accredited sports shops and other outlets.

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