Lake Rotoiti Produces Big Trout On Opening Weekend

  • 17/10/2016

Lake Rotoiti produced the biggest fish, including a trout of more than four kilos (nine pounds), on the opening weekend of the new fishing season.

Cody Conwell 4 yrs Rotiiti opening dayThe season kicked off on Saturday 1 October, the first time in five years the opening had fallen on a weekend – with school holidays in full swing.

Right: Start young...four year-old Cody Conwell with a magnificent catch from Lake Rotoiti.

Fish & Game Officer Matt Osborne says that anglers fishing in the well-named Lake Rotoiti Monster Trout Tournament caught seven fish that weighed in well over three kilos, with the biggest a solid trout that was 67cm long and 4.1kg, caught by Mitchell Tombleson.

Another three of the entries were quality fish that weighed 3.5kg or more, he added.

Overall, Lake Okataina was the stand out performer with the best catch rate of the three lakes that reopened – Okataina, Tarawera and Rotoiti.

“We measured nearly 150 fish brought in by just over 100 anglers at Okataina and the two year old fish that were mostly caught were on average 51cm and weighing 1.65 kilos.”

The busiest lake as usual was Tarawera, with a total of 364 anglers interviewed about their catches; the catch rate on the day was slightly ahead of the 2015 opening.

trout guyThe two year-old rainbows caught were larger than last opening and their condition was better, Mr Osborne says, averaging 49cm and 1.36kg.

Andrew Shove with a rainbow in top condition from Lake Tarawera.

“Some positive signs were seen in the number and size of the smelt (a key food) which were found when the fish were gutted.”

The largest fish that staff measured from Lake Tarawera was a modest three year-old trout that weighed 2.4kg.

Mr Osborne says that the Ohau Channel started fairly well and in total, 51 anglers were surveyed who had kept 49 fish.

The largest was a 66cm brown jack which weighed 3.88kg.

Meanwhile, Fish & Game Officer Anthony van Dorp says that only a couple of anglers were found to be breaking the rules on Opening Day – similar to previous openings when one or two offenders are usually intercepted.

One angler was fishing without a licence while in another case, two men were trolling with three rods out – which is against the rules – you can only use one rod per angler.

Mr van Dorp’s message to anglers is there are some sportfishing rules to be followed so “don’t take chances – play fair.”

He says that that given Opening Day is the one day you can expect to run into Fish & Game rangers, it would be pleasing to see “100 percent compliance.”

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