Review of North Canterbury freshwater angling regulations

  • North Canterbury
  • 9/05/2022
  • Richie Cosgrove

Review of North Canterbury freshwater angling regulations

The North Canterbury Fish and Game Council is holding its regular review of the Anglers Notice (Fishing regulations).

The Council is seeking feedback from anglers and the public on the following broad topics:

  • Open Lake Coleridge up for all-year-round fishing.
  • Align rainbow trout fishing rivers (for example the Broken and Porter Rivers etc) with other region's rainbow fisheries and allow fishing until the end of May for rainbows. 
  • Move to a ballot system for the Esk River
  • Change bag limit at childrens fishing lakes from 2 to 1 fish to allow for more children to have an opportunity for success. 
  • Remove bait fishing for salmon in the Kaiapoi river 

The Council also encourages stakeholders to submit their views, and any other regulation changes proposed to the North Canterbury Fish & Game council before 5pm 31 May 2022. 

You can email your submissions to

There will also be minor wording changes to clarify some existing regulations, so they are easier for anglers to interpret.

There will also be a public meeting on Thursday 2 June 2022 at the NCFG office at 7-8.30 pm as an opportunity for people to speak to their submissions and answer  questions.

A pdf of all submissions will be available for download before the public meeting.


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