Hawke's Bay Reel Life September 2018

  • Hawke's Bay
  • 27/09/2018

Hawke's Bay Reel Life September 2018

The new season is only moments away and no doubt you are all just like us and can't wait for it to begin.

Top right : prime fishing - Hawke's Bay backcountry.

Many local fishing and outdoor stores in Hawke's Bay have been running promotions with their licence sales, but along with these don’t forget to look at the licence categories that are available.

If you only fish in the Hawkes Bay Fish & Game Region, then a Local Area Licence could be the answer for you.

If you have friends visiting from overseas, make sure they are buying one of the Non-Resident licence options.

Don't forget to look at the newest gear and stock up on flies while you're in getting your licence.SS 5 Card image for Fish 2023

The region was hit pretty hard with the recent floods.

Luckily these were early enough to allow water levels to recede and for waters to begin clearing up.

Hopefully this should see all the smaller tributaries and headwaters, the areas we all love to fish during opening week, running clear with hungry waiting trout in every pool.

Good luck wherever you may be heading and remember to take care of the trout you catch, especially when releasing them.

There is an article in our latest newsletter on tips on how to do this. If you didn't receive the newsletter in the post, visit one of the licence agents or visit the Hawke's Bay Fish & Game office for one, or ring and ask for one to be posted.

At the start of most seasons, many anglers set themselves new goals, and if you don't, we want to encourage you to do so.

Fishing a new piece of water you've never tried before is a great start, and a new river altogether is even better.

Lots of fishing spots

There are many options in Hawke's Bay, just be sure to check access with owners before entering areas that aren't signposted as public access.

If you need a refresher on the region's fishing places, click here

The Walking Access Commission website has a great mapping system which highlights all legal access across New Zealand, a great tool with topo and aerial maps to hunt out access to new water.

After you’ve been fishing, be sure to take some nice photos and share your trip with us on our Hawke's Bay Fish and Game Facebook page. It's always great to share stories with other anglers.

We now have a new Manager who has just started with us in the Hawke's Bay Region.

Staff and councillors are looking forward to working with him, but we will leave it until the next issue for Jesse to introduce himself.

Until then, have a great start to the new season, be sure to share your efforts with us and stay safe out there on the rivers.

Tight Lines!

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