Northland Reel Life January 2018

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  • 30/01/2018

Northland Reel Life January 2018

Take a fishing break from the New Year’s bustle

Why not try to take some time out and try some twilight freshwater fishing to give you a break away from the whirlwind of the New Year?

For a start, there are still a few long weekends and public holidays to take advantage of.

Run a downrigger set up from your kayak? You bet! (Photo Karl Pereira).

Weak La Nina conditions still persist at present which has meant much warmer sea temperatures. We are likely to see more high temperatures and high rainfall events.

N 3 Warm sea tempsLeft: warm sea temperatures (Photo Metservice).

The predicted unsettled weather this month may make it tricky for river fishing so keep an eye on the forecast and your favourite reach.

A lot of freshwater anglers will have been taking cover in the shade and getting some respite from the heat and humidity next to their heat (should we say cool?) pumps at this time of the year.

Those braving the heat have been trying to keep the sun at bay with light-weight breathable fabrics, hats and multi-use headware.

Good Polarised sunglasses not only protect your eyes but help you see fish in those deeper pools and cut out glare.

N Hot weather fly fishing gearjunkieRight: Hot weather fly fishing gear to (Photo Gear Junkie).

When river fishing, try seeking out deeper pools in forested river stretches with good shading and look for areas of refuge for trout.

Always remember that during this hot weather that trout can be under a lot of stress as the temperature increases, so keep your playing to a minimum and consider taking those legal fish (greater than 300mm) as some may not survive a release.

It’s that time of year to pull out your cicada imitations and give them a whirl.

The hot weather after a couple of wet spells will be ideal conditions for cicada nymphs to burrow up from their underground chambers.

The hot humid weather also brings plenty of mosquitos so try a clearly segmented chironomid or mosquito imitation buzzer rig to expand your chances of success.

N 4 buzzerEpoxy buzzer.

Kai Iwi Lakes

The lakes are still quite full and there have been plenty of sightings and sounder hits of shoals of inanga or larval bullies in Lake Taharoa, around the three to 12m depth range.

As the temperature increases make use of a down rigger set up to get into the trout zone; these have proven to be successful as lake temperatures increase.

Early mornings are still your best bet during the holiday periods before the lakes get busy with other users.

If you need any help with your freshwater fishing or want to chat over your options for Northland, don’t hesitate to drop by our office or contact us on the web.

Tight lines,

Andrew Kirk, Field Officer

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