Northland Reel Life September 2018

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  • 27/09/2018

Northland Reel Life September 2018

Keep it reel

Spring growth is flourishing and with that comes more insect life.

Right: Keen angler Russell Daniels tempting Whau Valley trout with a dragon fly larvae imitation.

It’s very important to know what the trout are eating and to keep your fly options as close to what trout are actually eating at this time of the year.

Knowing your local spots and what works when will lead to a well-conditioned trout on the table.

N Dragonfly Larvae

Dragonfly larvae.

It was great to see so many good rises on our lakes and reservoirs recently.

Dragon fly larvae and surface emergent midges are being targeted.

The addition of a float to your fly rig lets you know what’s happening below the surface.

Those spring trout are there for the taking and what better way to brush off the winter blues than with a nice bit of relaxing spring fishing.

Make the most of the upcoming school holidays and Labour Weekend too. We have our very well priced Family Licence and a few more options for non-residents. Get your licence here.

It’s well worth taking a trip up the Old Russell Road when river levels get a bit lower and start to clear up.

Try some fly fishing on the Kaimamaku Stream as it winds itself all the up to the top end of Peach Grove Road. It has some nice rocky bottom-shaded habitat which can be hard to find in Northland.

I’ve recently had some assistance from a student helping with some sign maintenance so the access and styles are in good shape.

N Tristan Tane Manihera Kaimamaku Stream Signs

Tristan Tane-Manihera, a Tararoa Area School gateway student helps out with sign maintenance.

Remember to keep your trout gut samples coming in from the Kai Iwi Lakes.

This is important for our role on the working group and is great for gathering some seasonal information about trout diet.

And please note that we are happy to share the information we find with our anglers.

For more tips about freshwater fishing don’t hesitate to contact our local office.

Tight lines.

Andrew Kirk, Field Officer

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