Reel Life January 2022

  • North Canterbury
  • 8/12/2021

Reel Life January 2022

January is a popular month for fishing, with anglers able to head further afield for some R&R.

There are some great opportunities in the high country lakes and the lowland rivers.

The Waimakariri salmon fishery typically kicks off in January, and we have had some reports of fish taken from the lower reaches of this river and the Kaiapoi.

The Rakaia is fishing well now with quite a few salmon being taken and many of them a good size - you might get lucky and catch one big enough to feed the whole family this Xmas.

Remember to stop at two salmon and always carry your endorsement card.

Lake Fishing

Waimakariri Lakes

If you’ve got time to kill, the Waimakariri Lakes are close to Christchurch and make for a very accessible day trip, especially if you head to Lake Lyndon, which is just over an hour from Christchurch.

We have had reports that this lake is fishing very well.

Lyndon can get a bit windy, so it’s a good idea to check the conditions before you go.

It’s often magical first thing in the morning or later in the evening when the easterly dies off.

YR app Photo 1 Have a look at a website/app such as YR to give you an indication.

If it shows, the wind is less than six m/sec; it should be pleasant fishing.

If you get up there and it is a tad windy, you can often find a more sheltered spot.

Be prepared to move around a bit.

For example, if it’s an easterly, you might find a sheltered spot at the end near the state highway/carpark area; if it’s coming from the west, you can sometimes find some shelter on the NW side of the lake between Lyndon Tarn and the A-frame.

Apps like YR can help you pick the conditions that stop you from having a wasted trip.

A longer stay up the Waimakariri

If you want to make more of a holiday out of it, there are a range of places to stay up in the upper Waimakariri Basin.

You can camp at Lake Pearson (Moana Rua) or the very lovely Mistletoe Flats - book a site through the DOC website:

Above Right: Campground at Lake Pearson.

There is also self-contained camping at Lake Lyndon and Lake Grasmere and a variety of other paid accommodation options.

Alternatively, you could join the Canterbury Anglers Club and stay at the hut they own at Cass:

Tight Lines

Emily Arthur, North Canterbury Fish and Game Officer

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