Reel Life October 2022

  • Hawke's Bay
  • 20/10/2022

Reel Life October 2022

The rain gods were not kind to Hawkes Bays opening weekend this time around.

On the 23rd of September, a significant flood pushed most rivers to their limit with some huge flow rates.

The water steadily receded for six days before another 100mm of rain accumulated during opening weekend.

There were few places left, and many did not get the opportunity to fish.

As I write, it’s been 10 days with minimal rain, and some tributaries close to the ranges have finally dropped enough to be able to sight fish once again.

Trout have persevered through one of the wettest winters on record and come out the other side battered but not beaten.

Trout are in very average condition after spawning, toughing out some very tricky river conditions.

It’s tough to feed in mud-coloured water for a species that primarily feeds on sight!

Reports are beginning to come through of trout being caught, with the odd fish in surprising condition.

Most of the trout landed have been from our southern tributaries as they had less rain, but some fish have begun to pop up from our northern fisheries too.

A tip to anglers heading out, 8 of 9 trout I landed recently were on a #10 stonefly; fish are hungry and are wanting to eat the larger offerings!

If you’re looking to take a fish home to eat, your best bet is the productive mid to lower reaches of our main stem rivers like the Ngaruroro or Tukituki.

Around the river mouths, both brown and rainbow trout take advantage of the abundant baitfish.

The other advantage in fishing these areas during October is most fish will be maiden (yet to spawn) and will be in much better condition compared to fish in the tributaries.

Since the rivers are still coloured, it’s a great time to go spin fishing using a black toby or soft plastic lure.

Good luck out there, enjoy the current sunshine, and long may it last!!

The Team at Hawkes Bay Fish & Game

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