Reel Life September 2022

  • North Canterbury
  • 15/09/2022

Reel Life September 2022

With opening day (October 1st) falling on a Saturday this season, I’m sure many anglers have booked a few days off work to fish their go-to spot and make the most of the opening weekend opportunity.

As these fish haven’t had angling pressure since April 30thso let’s hope for some settled weather over the weekend and enjoy the new season.

The weather over the winter period has been wet and cold as you assume being winter, with big snow dumps and then good amounts of rain.

Which has kept the river flows high and dirty as well as our high country lakes very full.

So depending on which river you are fishing on opening weekend, be mindful that with all the rain we have had, the flows might be slightly higher than usual, so you might need to adjust your techniques to get your tackle into the fish zone.

The fishing over the winter period,by all accounts, from the keen anglers braving the cold wintery conditions, said that it was very good with the fish being in great condition.

So this could be something to consider next winter as it’s a big gap between seasons, so some winter fishing gives anglers a good opportunity to get their fishing fix.

Be sure to thoroughly check your regulations booklet this season as there have been some changes made to season dates and bag limits in certain rivers and lakes.

Angling Etiquette

This season might be a bit different on our high-country rivers and lakes this year with the international borders now open.

There will be some very keen non-resident anglers wanting to fish in these remote areas as they haven’t been able to get into New Zealand since 2019.

So these areas are likely to have an increase in angler activity.

It's always a good idea to either leave a note on the dash of your vehicle with your intentions of where you are fishing (upstream or downstream) so other anglers don’t interfere with the section that you’re trying to fish.

Or, if you see another angler go over and have a chat with them so you both can come to a fair agreement so everyone can have a great day on the river.

Be sure to thoroughly check your regulations booklet this season as there have been some changes made to season dates and bag limits in certain rivers and lakes.

Trout festival

Nearly 200 anglers converged on the Groynes and Peppers Clearwater hotel at the weekend for the annual Trout Festival put on by North Canterbury Fish and Game and the Canterbury Flyfishing Club.

A big thank you to the Canterbury Flyfishing Club and all the presenters/demonstraters (Malcolm Bell, Rachel McNae, Tony Entwistle, Darian Shaheen, Carl McNeil, Mark Rogers (pictured above right), Tom Hodge, Jeff Pierce )that gave up their time to make the 2022 Trout festival a huge success.
They went above and beyond, offering advice and skills to anglers of all skill and experience levels.
Check out this video to see how the day went down, and if you couldn't make it, we'll be putting on another one next year.

New signs show the way for Canterbury anglers

DJI 0744B

North Canterbury Fish & Game Officer Harry Graham-Samson erects a new angler access sign at the Lower Selwyn huts, with Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere in the background.

Over 100 new angler access signs have recently gone up around the North Canterbury Fish & Game Region in preparation for the new fishing season starting October 1.
Angler access signs unlock a vast area of fantastic fishing spots that a fishing licence enables anglers to fish in.
The new signs will largely be replacing worn-out, dilapidated signs, but several are new signs for new access points.
North Canterbury Fish and Game (NCFG) has worked with landowners to secure access at these points for anglers, and these access points can also be used by other river users.
There are over 400 angler access and information signs in the North Canterbury Region, all the way from up in the Southern alps to the river mouths on the coast.
Replacing these signs has enabled Fish & Game staff to see how good the rivers are looking for the opening of the new season.
Tight Lines
Harry Graham-Samson, North Canterbury Fish & Game

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