West Coast Reel Life November 2018

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  • 27/11/2018

West Coast Reel Life November 2018

Estuary fishing still firing

Even though the whitebait season has finished, there are still plenty of prey fish in our river mouths.

Trout activity is still high with December a great time for catching well conditioned estuarine fish.

Recent visits to lower rivers by Fish & Game staff have shown us just how popular this has become.

Above right: A local angler targeting estuarine trout (Photo Richard Cosgrove).

Fishing the first tidal fall in the river in the half light with an incoming tide is the secret.

Large brown trout are actively foraging in these areas and will readily take lures and wet flies such as grey ghosts.

It can be intense fishing with a bow wave of water rushing towards your lure before an almighty strike.

The cooler water temperatures and energetic fish can produce a good fight.

Make sure you have a sturdy line and quality gear to take on these fish.

Click here to watch a short video on the West Coast's estuarine trout fishery.

Great spring angling conditions

After a very settled start to spring with low flows, many West Coast rivers experienced an extremely large flood event on November the 8th and 9th.

While most rivers have returned to flows like those pre-floods and are looking fantastic, some of the larger rivers like the Taramakau and Hokitika are yet to fully clear.

Local anglers should get out and enjoy the good conditions while they last as less settled, more spring-like conditions, could return.

During periods of rain, lakes or spring fed creeks are the place to be.

With daylight hours increasing, there's time for a quick evening fish down at your local river.

The evening is best as the water warms through the day, increasing the metabolism and feeding activity of fish that peaks in the late afternoon or evening.

Compete in a fishing contest!

Both the Lake Brunner Fishing Competition and the Reefton Tusk, Tine and Trout Competition will be held on November 30 to December 2.

For Brunner entries and information clickhere

For Reefton, email tusktineandtrout@yahoo.com

This year’s AGM for West Coast Fish & Game will be held on Tuesday December 4 at 7pm, at the Grey Gun Club Coal Creek.

Remember that licenceholders are welcome to attend, and it’s always good to have them present.

Glen Newton, West Coast Fish & Game officer.

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