West Coast Reel Life September 2018

  • West Coast
  • 27/09/2018

West Coast Reel Life September 2018

Get set for some exciting estuary fishing

Prey fish numbers are increasing, trout are feeding well and improving in condition.

Although anglers interest moves towards the opening of spring creeks and head water fisheries that have been rested over the winter period, lower river fishing is at its best over the coming months.

Above Right: West Coast estuaries can be 'trout central' at this time of year.

Fishing can be frantic with trout rushing shoals of prey fish in the shallows.

Wading in the shallows, casting a lure or fly in the direction of these trout often results in an aggressive take and a fight.

These lower river fish on the West Coast, where there is an abundant food supply, often attain weights in the 5-10lb range.

With increasingly accurate weather forecasting, trips can be planned around rainfall and flows.

Fishing at daylight and dusk are the most productive, particularly with an incoming tide.

So get out there and experience what is becoming an increasingly unique experience over the coming months.

Dean Kelly, West Coast Fish & Game Manager.

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