North Canterbury Fishing Report Thursday 1st April 2021

  • North Canterbury
  • 1/04/2021
  • Richie Cosgrove

North Canterbury Fishing Report Thursday 1st April 2021

Yesterday was the last day of the salmon fishing season which was celebrated with the annual Rangers Fishing Competition at the mouth of the Waimakariri River.

Unfortunately, no salmon were landed.


Above Right: over 130 anglers took part in the annual rangers fishing competition.

This salmon season has again been poor compared with historic run sizes and Fish & Game will soon be considering regulations for the next fishing season, with a number of options to help restore the salmon fishery being discussed amongst passionate anglers.


anglers line the shore at the Waimakariri River mouth

Please let Fish & Game know your thoughts on what regulations you would like to see, and these can be discussed by the council before making any decisions. 

Staff are about to carry out annual salmon spawning surveys and we will keep you posted via our Facebook page as to numbers seen. 

Please remember that fishing for both trout and salmon is now closed in the Western Zone of the Rakaia, with Waimakariri anglers having until the end of April to fish for trout in the Western Zone.

Please check your regulation guide, page 23 for North Canterbury before heading out, as there are a number of fisheries now closed.   

Anglers wishing to head into the high country might like to try Lake Coleridge, as salmon are starting to think about spawning and are often caught either near the mouth of the Ryton River or trolling around Ryton Bay, with anglers now having until the end of September to fish Lake Coleridge.

Anglers have continued to report that Lake Coleridge has been the standout fishery this season. 

River conditions across the region are good at present, and keen anglers should make the most of a small window of good weather on Friday morning.

However, the weather forecast for the rest of the long weekend looks average, with southerly rain on Friday afternoon and nor-westers on Saturday afternoon through to Monday. 

The upcoming winter fishing licences are on sale as of today and offers a special opportunity for anglers keen to brave the elements on the North Canterbury high country lakes.

Winter fishing is often overlooked by anglers, but this is a great time to head into the high country to fish, with the snow-capped Alps in the background, calmer weather and the low number of anglers about at this time of year, there can be some very enjoyable days out, but make sure you dress warm! 

Again, the most popular winter spot in the region is Lake Coleridge.

This is a great time to get your boat out onto the lake on a clear day, with a popular technique to troll a bright coloured sinking Rapala, many anglers lure of choice throughout the year.

Later in the winter season, salmon fishing usually really fires up with some weighing up to four pounds caught in recent seasons, which is relatively large for Lake Coleridge.

There are also a few large rainbow trout in the lake with a number of five to six-pound rainbows caught each season and the odd fish up to seven pounds which is an excellent fish in anyone’s books. 

Good luck if you are heading out for a fish over the Easter break.


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