Weekly Fishing Report– Central South Island Region: 24-11-2017

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  • 24/11/2017
  • Richie Cosgrove

Weekly Fishing Report– Central South Island Region: 24-11-2017

The Fish & Game Kids Salmon Fishing Day was held last week at Loch Cameron, Twizel.

The day was hugely successful with around 90 fish being caught by the 140 kids that attended throughout the day.

I filmed the event and Richard Cosgrove put together a YouTube video so you can check it out here.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the kind donation of 400 salmon from Mt Cook Alpine Salmon.

Above Right: Kolby Parrant and dad Tom at the Kids Salmon Fishing Day credit R Adams.

We also had great support from: Jakes Hardware, South Alps Outdoors, Meridian, the Cameron family, Ladybird Hill Café and Will Spry, fishing guide.

There are still plenty of salmon left in the Loch and a few resident brown trout so ensure you know the regulations and enjoy.

What a great spot for a family fishing day! Keep in mind though it’s one of the best swimming spots near Twizel so please don’t gut and fillet your fish at the Loch!

If you intend to fish the canals this weekend we have some news for you care of Meridian.

“The public are advised that there will be no access around the Ōhau chain intake areas during the weekend of the 25th and 26th November 2017. 

Please stay away from these areas, which will be clearly marked and cordoned off.  

Staff will be undertaking work that requires heavy lifting with Hiab crane, which for those untrained in this work could be potentially hazardous.

Please do not interrupt staff during this process as they will be focused on getting the job done efficiently and safely.”

I understand Meridian is refurbishing the intake screens which are around 30 years old. I’d assume that the power stations won’t be fully operational and for this reason there will be little flow.

The Tekapo Canal is separate to these power stations so I reckon if you like fishing the canals with a strong flow then target the Tekapo Canal this weekend.

Ranger Allan Gillespie was based at Sailors Cutting on Lake Benmore for three days this week and did a bit of fishing.

He said there were a few boats around but shoreline anglers were absent.

WFR1718.19A golden Benmore brown covered in spots Credit A Gillespie

He had reports that the Ahuriri Delta area fished well and the clarity was improving,  Allan fished from the shore around sailors cutting and Pumpkin point and said condition were ideal for sight fishing and that many of the fish he spotted were only 1 metre from the shore.

Left: A golden Benmore brown covered in spots Credit A Gillespie.

On Thursday morning he fly fished using a size #16 gold bead hares ears nymph and landed 5 browns.

He knocked 2 on the head and checked the gut content.

They had eaten brown and green beetles and damselfly/dragonfly nymphs.

He said all the fish he got where in good condition and averaged a healthy 3-3.5 lb, pretty big for this part of the lake.

A question for the readers now; what’s the fishing like on Lake Pukaki from the shore?

WFR1719.20. Lake Pukaki has exception scenery but can you just throw a cast and catch a fishOr more precisely, I know from personal experience the inflowing stream mouths and the power station inflow are worth fishing, but what about the rest of the lake?

The kilometres of rocky shorelines and beaches must have resident fish?

I  drive the section of road on SH8 that skirts the lake often, and up Hayman Road to the Tekapo B Power station but never see anglers.

Right: Lake Pukaki has exception scenery but can you just throw a cast and catch a fish? Credit R. Adams.

I’ve never made the time myself to fish these ‘random’ bays and beaches either…

Are there no anglers because the fish aren’t there to catch in good numbers or is it just an unpopular spot because there are so many great spots around? Anyone had a flick there? How about spending 30 minutes there this weekend and reporting back…

Annual Public Meeting

Licence holders and members of the public are welcome to attend our Annual Public Meeting on the evening of Thursday the 7th of December.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm and is held at the Fish & Game boardroom, 32 Richard Pearse Drive, Temuka.

The bi-monthly council meeting is being held prior to the APM from 4pm – 6pm, all welcome.

Not all licence holders read our newsletters or catch the meeting advertisements in the local papers so please spread the word amongst your fishing and game bird hunting friends.

Tight Lines

Rhys Adams, Fish & Game Officer, Central South Island Fish & Game    


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