Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 11 February 2021

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  • 10/02/2021
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Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 11 February 2021

Aside from a few showers around the Central Plateau on Sunday, everywhere else is set for a stunning weekend and more superb angling! 

The small amount of precipitation we had in the ranges on Wednesday won't affect river conditions over the weekend.

However, these almost weekly rainfall events are great for keeping the waterways in the region cool and fresh and will certainly be contributing to the stunning run of fishing in the lowland rivers so far this season. 

Whether in the lowland or the backcountry, the cicadas are out in full force and the dry fly fishing has been sublime. In fact, the cicada hatch this season is one of the best we've had in some years so don't miss out on the action if you're yet to get out on the water! 

Reports of good mayfly hatches continue to come in, with anglers saying there is great surface activity on the Ruamahanga and Manawatu even during the middle of the day. Note that the mayflies in Wairarapa appear to be very small this season - around 12mm long - and fish refusing anglers' larger offerings is causing some frustration.

The rain yesterday has some of the main rivers in the region running with a touch of colour and/or extra flow so if you're a dedicated spin angler the fishing today and into tomorrow should suit you perfectly.   

Grab your licence and make the most of this stunning fishing season we're in the midst of. 

Here's the outlook:   

Pictured: Another lovely Wairarapa lowland brown caught and released recently (Credit: Camlo Carter).   

Hutt River and tributaries


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The Hutt and Pakarutahi are looking great this morning - carrying a little tea colour but otherwise clear. The excellent run of fishing should continue with near plague proportions of cicadas in the mid and upper reaches of these rivers. Mixed reports from the Akatarawa and Whakatikei recently but conditions should be ideal over the weekend for exploring these fisheries, and the cicadas will certainly have the browns out and active.         

Hutt TeMarua 6.7cumecs BirchvilleThe Hutt River at Te Marua today (Credit: Hamish Carnachan)


Kapiti Coast


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More sensational weather for Kapiti Coast anglers and the rivers are set up perfectly. The OtakiOhau and Waikanae are all carrying a bit of extra flow from yesterday's rain but they will be back to normal by tomorrow and fishing well. Reports suggest there's been plenty of surface feeding activity to keep anglers excited so make the most of the perfect conditions this weekend.      

Otaki SH1 12.7cumecs Pukehinua

The Otaki River at SH1 this morning (Photo: Phil Teal)             



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The RuamahangaWaiohineWaingawa and Tauherenikau have all had a welcome fresh go through and flows are rapidly returning to normal - you can see from the image below that the Ruamahanga is high but clear. Water temperatures are excellent for this time of year, and with the abundance of terrestrial insect activity the fishing in Wairarapa is awesome at present. Drift dives last week revealed excellent numbers of both rainbows and browns in the reaches between Ponatahi and Masterton.            

Ruamahanga Ponatahi 521mmStage Gladstone2

The Ruamahanga at Ponatahi this morning (Photo: Hamish Carnachan)               



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It's a bit breezy in the Manawatu region this morning but the wind will make way for calm and fine weather over the weekend. The ManawatuPohanginaOroua and Mangatainoka are quickly dropping Wednesday's rain and with a good pulse of fresh water flowing through, and loads of insects on the wing, anglers in this part of the region have got near perfect fishing conditions on the cards.                          

Manawatu Teachers 315mmStage

The Manawatu River at Teachers College this morning (Photo: Horizons)



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The RangitikeiHautapu and other central high country rivers have finally received some welcome rain. Flows are up across the board but you can see from the image below that the mid-week rain has barely made any difference to the mainstem Rangitikei. The cooler water and fresh flow will get fish feeding though, so anglers have an ideal opportunity to hook into some seriously good Rangitikei trout fishing tomorrow and over the weekend.                                     

Rangitikei Mangaweka 2937mmStage

Rangitikei River at Mangaweka this morning (Photo: Horizons)

Tip of The Week - Angling Code of Conduct!

WR Tip 11Feb2021 webIf anglers observe the code of conduct confrontations will be avoided and everyone can enjoy their time on the water (Copyright: Andrew Harding)  

The good news to come out of this season from Fish & Game's perspective is that licence sales are up - this is important in a year when our income was going to be hit by no overseas angling arriving because of Covid-19.

Having more anglers out on the water, however, is not news to everyone's ears! We've had a couple of complaints about anglers 'dropping in' on other parties, particularly in the backcountry.

We don't know whether these incidents involved novice anglers who aren't aware of the rules. But no matter if you're new to the sport, or long-time angler, it's always a good idea to refresh yourself with the code of conduct printed in your regs guide, and please always remember to observe correct angling etiquette. 

The anglers’ code of conduct while fresh water fishing in New Zealand:

- If no Fish & Game access sign is present, always ask permission from the land occupier before crossing private property.
- Do not park vehicles so that they obstruct gateways or cause a hazard on the road or access way.
- Do not interfere with livestock, crops, machinery or other property.
- Always use gates, stiles or other recognised access points and avoid damage to fences.
- When driving on river beds keep to marked tracks or park on the bank and walk to your fishing spot.
- Always fish in an ethical manner.
- Never push in on a pool occupied by another angler. If you are in any doubt ask those already there whether it is okay to join them.
- Always enter a pool behind the direction being fished by any angler already there.
- Move upstream or downstream with every few casts (unless you are alone).
- Avoid unnecessary wading or any avoidable disturbance to the water.
- Fish being returned to the water should be released as carefully and quickly as possible; remove the hook and return the fish facing upstream until it swims away.
- Fish being retained should be killed as quickly as possible by a blow to the head with a rock (or similar tool), or by cutting the fish’s throat with a knife.
- Always respect the environment, wildlife, other anglers and members of the public.
- Remove waste nylon and personal litter from the river banks and parking places.
- Leave everything as you found it; if a gate is open or closed leave it that way.
- The only way we can protect our rivers in the long term is to CHECK, CLEAN and DRY all your gear before entering another river or lake anywhere in New Zealand. Didymo and other aquatic pests are adversely affecting New Zealand fresh waterways.
- Remember to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

     By Wellington Fish & Game officer Hamish Carnachan. 



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Notice board

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​*This report was accurate at time of writing - For your safety please ensure you check the latest weather and river flow information before you head out on the water.

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