Both Barrels July 2021

  • 21/07/2021

Both Barrels July 2021

There’s plenty of game bird hunting options for hunters in the coming weeks, even if the mallard season has all but closed.

Check your regional links above to get the details for the upland game and other species that you can still hunt (in some cases till September!).

Also, note the summer seasons that many regions have for game birds, especially paradise shelduck seasons.

Hunting parries in the summer not only gives you some nice fresh game birds but helps the farming community by disturbing them at a time when they can damage crops.

Don’t forget to send in the details for any banded birds you’ve harvested; click here to enter the details.

The team at West Coast Fish and Game even report a banded bird being harvested near Karamea, 300 km from its banding site in Palmerston North.

The annual hunter harvest survey is also underway; please fill out the survey as it helps manage game birds and provides valuable data for Councils to make decisions on.

If you are looking for a summer activity that will help your game bird hunting, how about joining a predator trapping programme, on the Auckland Waikato post are some valuable resources to help out.

Plus, don’t forget your chance to be in to win $1000 with the annual Game Bird Habitat Trust licence photo competition; click here for details and have your photo on the 2023 Game Bird Licence.

Warm barrels from the team at Fish & Game.

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