Eastern Both Barrels August 2019

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  • 20/08/2019

Eastern Both Barrels August 2019

Special season for swan and pukeko

The game bird season finishes at the end of August (25th) but remember there is a special swan season in management area A1 (see Figure 1) and for pukeko for the whole of the Eastern Region on the weekend of 29 February – 1 March 2020 (check out your regulation guide).

NI map

Figure 1 A special swan season will be held on the 29th of February – 1 March 2019 in Management area A1 of Eastern Region.


We will be posting out ballot application forms for hunting spots in mid-October.

The forms will be posted to those hunters that have been in the ballot in the last three years (if you didn’t buy your licence through the ballot process you may not be sent a form).

The ballot applications (and reconfirmations) close on the first Friday in November so if you haven’t heard from us by late October jump on to our website (https://fishandgame.org.nz/eastern/game-bird-hunting-in-new-zealand/new-page-2/) and download a form or give the office a call (07-357-5501).

New hunters or hunters needing a spot to hunt check out the web address above the forms should be available mid-October.

Hunting and Fishing NZ

Eastern bandReport your bands by 13th of September 2019 to Fish and Game and go into the draw to win some great prizes.

Hunting and Fishing NZ have put up five prize packs which include a top-quality duck hunting jacket, and a six-pack of decoys.

Each prize pack is worth nearly $570 in total – containing a Banded White River duck hunting jacket, plus a six-pack of the latest Avery GHG XD (Extra Detail) Floating Mallard Decoys.

For more details check out: https://fishandgame.org.nz/game-bird-hunting-in-new-zealand/banding-together-2019/

Eastern Fish and Game are also drawing ten 2020 game bird licences so the more bands you send in the greater your chance of winning.

To report your band you can do it on the website (https://fishandgame.org.nz/game-bird-hunting-in-new-zealand/banding-form/) or give us a call (07-357-5501).

Matt McDougall, Eastern Fish & Game Officer.

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