Nelson/Marlborough Both Barrels June 2018

  • Nelson/Marlborough
  • 28/06/2018

Nelson/Marlborough Both Barrels June 2018

Book in for a‘game bird dining sensation'

Chef extraordinaire and keen local hunter Phil Hazeldine will showcase his culinary skills at an upcoming game bird food extravaganza.

Put aside August 5th for the event at Club Waimea, from 6pm.

Phil will cook an array of game birds in his imaginative style.

Above right: Phil’s cooking demonstration was a standout at the Fish & Game duck night two years ago.

It promises to be not only be a sensational dining experience, but also a chance to learn from a master game chef, a must for those who love to hunt, cook and eat game birds.

Registrations for the night are essential, please send in your confirmation to by July 25.

There are just 60 spaces available, so first in, first served!

There is no fixed cost for the evening, but small donations on the night are welcome to cover costs.

Annual pukeko hunt at Wakapuaka

Reice Piggott2

Selfie of Reice Piggott on last years’ pukeko hunt.

A date has been confirmed for the Annual Pukeko Hunt at Wakapuaka.

Set aside Sunday July 22 for a few hours of driven pukeko hunting at the Glen.

Those taking part will meet at 10am at the eastern end of the oxidation ponds via Boulder Bank Drive.

No prior registration is required.

The hunt was first organised a number of years ago to curb bird numbers which were heavily impacting on farm production in this area.

The hunts have been successful over time, with a marked reduction in the number of birds harvested.

However there are still large numbers of birds in residence, and perhaps the lower harvests reflect birds becoming wiser with increased hunting pressure.

We hope to see at least 60 to 80 hunters there on the day, to provide sufficient numbers to ‘plug the gaps’ which pukekos inevitably always locate and fly to safety through.

If you’re hunting with a junior or unlicenced hunter remember that we ask that they are immediately supervised – that means only one shotgun in use at any one time.

We will be cooking some of the birds at the gamebird food festival held on Sunday 5 August.

CWA exchange

Loren and Matt2

Loren and Matt with a mixed bag on the West Coast.

Recently two keen hunters affiliated with the California Waterfowl Association spent two weeks hunting in New Zealand as part of an annual exchange.

Running for the past three decades, dozens of hunters travel across the Pacific to experience hunting in another country.

This year it was Matt Greene and Loren Poncia’s turn to see how it’s done in New Zealand.

They began in the North Island hunting ducks and pheasants, then headed south in pursuit of ducks and deer around Nelson.

Before setting off on a South Island roadie to hunt pukeko and paradise shelduck on the West Coast, they jumped over the hill to hunt Black Swan at Ellesmere, then moved north for quail, geese and more ducks.

Swans & geese pose Nelson aviation hazard

Swan and Canada geese have been building up in coastal areas around Nelson, and are now a real aviation hazard for planes using Nelson Airport which is the country's fifth busiest.

The birds fly low, often in mobs, and at altitudes that provide a threat to planes as they take off and land.

Nelson airport managers are becoming increasingly concerned about these birds and their potential risk to aircraft and passengers.

If you’re hunting in the Nelson/Waimea area and you get an opportunity to target swan and Canada geese, please don’t hesitate to add these to your bag.

You’ll not only enjoy the exhilarating hunting both these species provide, but you’ll be doing your bit to reduce the aviation dangers these birds pose.

Pot those pooks

If you’re in the market for a new shotgun, try and do what Motueka’s John Greenhough did, and hand in the most pukeko legs!

John was very happy with his new Franchi semi-auto after putting in a great effort last season.

The excellent response to the pukeko competition last season has prompted the Fish & Game Council to continue the event for the 2018 game bird season, with another shotgun as the main prize.

The competition will finish on October 28 at the end of the extended pukeko season, and legs must be handed in no more than seven days later.

Hunters who want to take part in the competition are reminded to keep and freeze pukeko legs for counting at the end of the season. The hunter who has the most legs will claim the shotgun.

Jacob Lucas, Nelson/Marlborough Fish & Game Officer.

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