Northland Both Barrels May 2019

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  • 15/05/2019

Northland Both Barrels May 2019

Opening weekend

Another fine and clear day enabled birds to stay high.

The fog in the far North stuck around all morning, however some hunters had reached their limit or come close to it in the area south and west of Whangarei.

Parries were numerous and a good number of mallards were also taken.

Above Right: A vast amount of decoys and a portable mai mai on an old boat trailer (Taipuhia Area).

Swans and Canada geese also added to the bag for those hunting on the harbours.

Canada geese are increasing in numbers in the southern part of Northland so if you are interested in hunting these birds, then this is the place to go.

The hunters with the most success had temporary stands located in habitat where birds had frequented pre-season.

Northland 2

A temporary set up on a large farm pond (Waikiekie Area).

A good decoy set up is essential, and again the hunters who put in the effort to set a reasonable amount of decoys had a good weekend.

There were reports of more birds being seen than in previous years.

After opening weekend the birds have definitely become more wary.

Opportunities can still present themselves and the harbours and rivers can be quite productive as birds seek the more secluded spots.

Our Ranging teams were out to check compliance and we are pleased to say that everyone was compliant and had their game bird licences.

Our Rangers are there to ensure that everyone follows the rules and to make sure everyone has a fair chance of obtaining some birds.

Remember if you want to hunt on private forestry blocks you must obtain a permit.

The permit fee covers public liability insurance just in case there is a fire.

Fish & Game Northland has worked hard to obtain access for hunters.

Forestry owners do not have to let hunters into their forests, so it’s a privilege and not a right.

Northland 3jpg

A couple of birds destined for the roasting tray (Northern Wairua River)

Expect to be trespassed if you are caught without a permit.

The Flaxmill, Jack Bisset, Borrow cut and the Kawakawa wetland are now available to non-Ballot holders.

A permit is still required for access into these blocks.

The provisions of the wildlife act now apply in regards to stand availability.

If you require more information please give the office a call.

Whangarei office 09 4384135

Whangarei field officer Graham Gallaghan 021 222 7920

Day licences are available from the 13 May 2019.

One-day licences are for a 24 hour period that must be specified at a cost of $22.

These are a great way to introduce a new person to game bird hunting.

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish & Game Officer.

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