Manawatu teen quacks the duck calling top spot

  • 4/10/2018

Manawatu teen quacks the duck calling top spot

A Manawatu teen has swept the New Zealand Duck and Goose Calling Championships in  Taupo, winning all four categories he entered.

The country’s aspiring duck and goose callers gathered at the annual annual Sika Show & Competition last weekend.

 They competed in five categories: open live duck; open team duck; open live goose and open team goose.

Organiser of the Championships, Adam Rayner says that “not only did Manawatu-based Ritson Galloway win the ‘Live Duck’ category, he grabbed first place in all the four categories he had entered, including ‘Team Duck’ with his younger brother Kellan.”

Ritson began duck calling as a three year-old and entered his first competition at ten years of age.

It was a natural spinoff from duck hunting that runs in the Galloway family. Fifteen year-old Ritson goes hunting with his father Andy and grandfather Rusty and his younger brother, 11 year-old Kellan.

Ritson says he shoots every weekend of the season, including with a “hunting and duck calling mate” Ben Schnell.

The Freyburg High School student is thrilled with his win given the amount of practice that went into it, “two and a half hours a day when I have enough time.”

Ritson Galloway is keen to represent New Zealand in the world champs, “if not this year then some time in the next few years.”

To other aspiring duck callers, he advises that “practice is key – and adds that it’s a really good sport to get into.”    

Mr Rayner says that for all the dominance and winning skills displayed by the teenager, the champs were “hotly contested.”

“Ritson’s wins were well deserved,” he adds, “as someone who has spent countless hours perfecting his craft.

He was winning duck calling competitions even as an 11 and 12 year-old, he says.

“We have watched him develop over time into the expert duck calling champion that the champs have now confirmed him to be.”

We're very proud to see Ritson become this year’s winner of the champs, taking over the title from reigning three-time New Zealand champion Hunter Morrow, who has stepped down, Adam Rayner says.  

One disappointment was a lack of female entries with long-time competitor Nelson’s Holly Irvine the only one who took part, coming second in the Team Duck event with Sam Harrington.

Adam Rayner says that Holly already has several national titles under her belt and has represented New Zealand at the world champs in Maryland.

“We would dearly love to see more women taking and will give some thought to how we encourage more female participation,” he says. 

Past winners have gone on to compete overseas for a crack at the world title in Maryland, in the U.S.  

This year there are five Kiwis who are off to take part in the champs at the Waterfowl Festival.

Fish & Game Communications Manager Don Rood says the organisation is keen to see more young folk like Ritson, and especially more young women take part in the competition.

We are very pleased to provide what backing we can to the competition that focuses on such a vital skill in duck hunting.


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