Worst summer clouds in 30 years have silver lining

  • Wellington
  • 4/05/2017

Worst summer clouds in 30 years have silver lining

Expectations are for solid bags for the opening of the duck hunting season in Wellington region this Saturday, 6 May.

One of the wettest summers many in the lower North Island can remember may have made for miserable holidaying, but it has been a boon for mallard ducks.

Our misery - their delight!

Wellington Fish & Game regional manager Phil Teal says “the spring and summer was memorable for being very wet and this created good breeding conditions and food for young birds stretching into autumn.  Consequently there have been good numbers of birds seen across the region.” 

He says hunters’ accounts of increased flights of ducks back up the formal and systematic population monitoring which has shown an increase in numbers – particularly in the Manawatu catchment. 

“Our aerial trend counts which have just been completed prior to the season show significantly more birds across nearly all transects lines flown – with some of the highest counts in many years.

“This all bodes well for what we’re predicting is going to be a good start to the season for hunters.”

He urged hunters to comply with all regulations including having a game bird hunting licence and to ensure there is no complacency surrounding firearm safety and firing zones.

"Fish & Game wishes all hunters a successful and safe season," Mr Teal added.

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